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YAK CampYAK Camp
YAK Camp

YAK Camp

YAK Camp
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Youth Action and Knowledge Summer Camp for youth entering 6th-9th grades (and utilizing talents and leadership of high school students) was developed as a MODEL in Hood River, Oregon. It has had a 9-year track record of success. Organized and run by full-time youth ministers and volunteers, supported by foundations and private donations, it is proven and perfected. YOU TURNS offers YAK Camp to you in your locality. After you purchase the initial year, additional materials needed for subsequent years can be seen and ordered through our catalog. See link below.
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 14 reviews: 5.0
Best Experience of My Life"The way we talked about our faith and the bible was way different than it has ever been done in our religious Education classes and youth group bible studies and i liked it, it kept me interested and was put in a way that i could understand the meaning of the talks. I recommend that anyone who wants their kids to have a better understanding of their faith send them to YAK Camp. I believe this gives me a better understanding of my faith and teaches me ways to maintain it, ways that i can use when i leave home." Written by Breanna Gardner 17, Yamhill, Oregon on Fri 30 Apr 2010 4:40:11 AM GMT
best week ever!!i went to yak camp last year. even though i was 16 i got to be a camper because it was my first year and i had a lot of fun. this year i hope to go back as a belle. i just have to talk my parents into it:) it was an awesome experience and everyone should experience it!!! Written by Brittney Gardner on Thu 15 Apr 2010 10:56:29 PM GMT
I Grunt for GodAmen Written by Ian Gibbs on Mon 28 Dec 2009 8:37:02 AM GMT
Chance of a Lifetime!YAK Camp wow, What to say, I 100% recommend it to anyone who is thinking about going! I went in 2007& then came back in 2008 as a Belle and each year was nothing but funn and spirtually growing! I was amazed every year after getting home of how much i had changed in that one week, I made and still have tons of amazing friend there,(Mara G AKA "The Gooch!",Kayla S, Matti D, Sean D, Cody G, Andy AKA Pablo) and so many more amazing people. SO why not try find your faith with Yak Camp. =]] Written by Jessica Stone on Wed 16 Dec 2009 9:50:41 PM GMT
I love YAK Camp!YAK Camp 2009 will be my 2nd year at YAK Camp. My first year was awesome (last year)! Some of my friends were there but I mad a TON of new friends. The first day of camp a bunch of people came up smiling at me and giving me a BIG welcome! I had made friends with probubly more than half the people there, on the first day. Later in the weak I made a couple more friends one of them was Callahan. My favorite part of the whole camp was Thursday night in prayer. That is all we did, was pray, and comfort other people. I can't wait to see all my friends again this year! YAK Camp is AWeSOME! Written by Mariah G. on Fri 3 Apr 2009 7:22:11 PM GMT
Yak camp is awesome for the soul!i have been to yak camp 3 times and each time i have had an amazing experience . I made new friends and got closer to God. Its crazy how a week of God - filled stuff can change turn your world around. Written by Meena Davies,3-12-09 on Thu 12 Mar 2009 10:51:22 PM GMT
WOWI've been to yak camp for two years now and I just got home about an hour ago and went straight to my computer to look at pictures of my friends because I miss them allready but I looked at what they wrote and it was all true yak camp changes your life forever. Written by Rosie Gitchell on Sat 28 Jun 2008 5:11:39 AM GMT
A week you'll never forget or regret!i have gone to YAK camp for two years and it was the most amazing thing i've ever expirience in my is so spiritual and so much fun! It's a way to be in contact with God and have fun with people your own age at the same time! i have met some of the nicest people ever there and i so look foreword to it this next year. its the best way to get in touch with God and really mean it. I hope everyone who can come will, trust me--You will LOVE IT! Written by Savannah Byers on Fri 9 May 2008 8:55:30 PM GMT
yaya YAKThis will be my first trip to Yak Camp as a grunt, for the previous two years I was a camper. Each year has been more fun than the year before. You learn so much about yourself and others. Getting to meet all the new people and seeing the ones you met before again is awesome! It has also helped me increase my knowledge and my faith in such a fun way with people my own age. I look forward to seeing all the leaders and friends and helping to make this upcomeing year a BLAST! YAYA YAK! Written by Cody Granlund on Fri 9 May 2008 5:14:14 AM GMT
That Old Amazing YAKI have been a Grunt At The camp of the yak for two years now, And I will Never regret the life changing experinces I went through or The Loving Caring people that I met there, Yak Camp has got to be one of the best choices of my life, And Now im working on a third year. Written by kriss stone on Thu 17 Apr 2008 7:01:19 PM GMT
YAK camp does Amazing thingsI have been to YAK camp two times already and this will be my third. I love YAK camp so much. I didnt think I would like it at first but then I went and it changed my life and the way I look at things. Not only did I learn how to pray to God and how to pray not only for big things but for the small things like your day or my ipod. hahaha. I also got to meet some amazing people like Kayla, and Jed. Now dont get me wrong there are definatly more wonderfull people at YAK camp I just know that these two people have changed my life. I think that Yak camp is a wonderfull thing not only for Catholic Christians but also for anyone in any faith. It will bring them to God. I also think that even if you dont know what or who or you beleive in it is a wonderfull experience. I know that YAK camp has changed many peoples lives especially mine and and it will never cease to change peoples lives. Thank you Yak camp and as long as YAK camp is alive and well I will be there. I will even be there when i am too old to be there.

Written by Sean Davies on Tue 8 Apr 2008 1:27:42 AM GMT
Yea for YakcampI have gone to Yakcamp for two years and each one was AMAZING. It so awesome to be surrounded by Catholic kids my age for six days! I can share my faith and have fun doing it. I feel like I am at home learning and building my faith in God. The memories that I have made there and will make this upcoming camp will be with me for the rest of my life. Written by Dakota Davies on Fri 4 Apr 2008 6:34:28 AM GMT
Wahoo for GodThis will my my third year going to Yak camp. Its an amazing thing to go to, you meet alot of other people and make lots of new friends. Every time I go my experience there gets better and better. You make so many memories there, and it's nice to meet a whole bunch of other Christians. Written by Kayla Schoen on Sat 8 Mar 2008 9:24:41 PM GMT
Spiritually filled week they will never forgetMy boys Tim and Kevin had a wonderful experience. We still have a few of the scriptures they learned at camp on our refrigerator! I will forever be grateful that you provided the spiritually filled week they will never forget. You have your heart in the right place--filling our youth with God's Word. Written by Marybeth McNaught, Portland, OR on Tue 29 Jan 2008 12:03:02 AM GMT
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Faith-filled three year cycle of emphases:

First Year: “Y” is wholesome thought and speech (YAK)
Second Year: “A” is ACTION that is positive, disciplined and oriented to serving others 
Third Year: “K” is KNOWLEDGE leading to inner strength and character

Six speakers and role models, including a Catholic priest, encourage and teach youth Christ-like qualities of the year’s focus. These are also reinforced through memorization of Principles and Promises from Scripture, drama, music, and an end-of-the week field competition called “Power Trip”.

Morning Rosary at YAKBesides unforgettable fun, campers experience:

  • Mass
  • Reconcilliation
  • Dynamic praise and worship in song
  • Strong teaching from the Bible
  • Adoration
  • Liturgy of the hours
  • The Rosary
  • Prayer ministry
  • A vocations talk
  • Memorization of Scriptures that will make a difference in their lives
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