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ConfirmationCatholic Confirmation

  • Has the age group of those preparing for Confirmation changed in your diocese?
  • Has the time of Confirmation preparation been lengthened or shortened?
  • Are you looking for a special curriculum for Confirmation?
  • Are you ready to try a new approach to Confirmation?

YOU TURNS asked the question, “If the regular Catholic parish program doesn’t prepare young people for adult Catholic life and the fullness of the Spirit, what purpose does it serve?”

Thus Heritage Bowl for 6th, grade and Power Trip A (emphasizing the Holy Spirit and sacraments) for 7th - 12th grade, were designed to prepare young people, middle or high school grade level, for the sacrament without requiring a separate Confirmation class. (Learn more here.)

Power Trip A (also B) aims at CONVERSION and stirring in youth a desire for more of God, while providing sound education in the Faith. After completing our program, youth KNOW THEIR FAITH and possess the skill to explore the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church for all their future spiritual needs. They are PREPARED for CONFIRMATION and for LIFE. 

When following the YOU TURNS system, young people are READY AT ANY TIME prescribed by the local Catholic diocese for the sacrament of Confirmation. 

Nevertheless, if the parish prefers to have a separate Confirmation class, it can be incorporated into YOU TURNS' program and meet separately when youth break into Small Groups

CONFIRMATION REQUEST FORM – for youth to request the sacrament and state their intention of being faithful to Sunday mass, the parish youth program and ongoing parish life. Click here to see this form and other Confirmation Resources.

    *CONFIRMATION SUPPLEMENT - a modifiable to-do list for Confirmation candidates and parents with suggestions by Rose Marie Doyle. FREE. Just Add to Cart below.

      Confirmation Supplement

      Confirmation Supplement

      Confirmation Supplement
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      This FREE four-step Supplement, which turns Power Trip A and /or B
      into preparation for Confirmation, avoids the need to remove Confirmation candidates from the regular youth group meeting.
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