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About UsYOU TURNS Catholic Youth Ministry Support

Declared in Conformity
STRONG catechesis for parish youth ministry or supplement for Catholic high schools 

YOU TURNS was begun by Rose Marie Doyle, mother of 12, high school teacher and youth minister to respond to five needs in regards to the spiritual formation and catechetical instruction of youth within the Catholic parish.

  1. A program aimed at keeping kids Catholic - while regarding other Christian Communities with respect and appreciation - that makes Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church appealing and fun.
  2. More Scripture, stronger Catechesis!
  3. Utilization of computer technology to make materials affordable and easily reproducible including parent handout for family Bible Study.
  4. Catholic Youth minister training and on-the-job support.
  5. Adaptable to the needs of small Catholic parishes, and flexible -  a program or useful supplemental resource.

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 Heritage Bowl Cover

HERITAGE BOWL: Mrs. Doyle adopted Heritage Bowl for 6th graders developed by Deacon Francis Potts, BS/BFA-Ed,MTS, BCC. His program is a thorough review of the basic teaching of the Catholic Church and covers the entire Bible using the comic book style  Action Bible. Heritage Bowl climaxes with a College Bowl type contest among parishes in the spring.  (See Inside

The BIG contest, along with mini-contests and other incentives worked into the program, motivate youth to learn the material presented. By bringing together Catholic youth from diverse parishes, it helps them make new friends and develop a stronger Catholic identity. Heritage Bowl works very well with 5th and 6th grade youth and is appropriate at the 7th and 8th grade level, too. Youth may participate in the Heritage Bowl Contest one time, or twice, if the program is spread over two years, a preference of some catechists.
To read Bishop Michael Sheridan's letter of approval for the Picture Bible/The Action Bible click here  

Power Trip A

POWER TRIP: Building on the foundation of Heritage Bowl, Mrs. Doyle developed Power Trip for middle and/or high school Catholic youth ministry. The entire youth group goes through the same introductory material in the General Gathering, proceeds to prayer and praise in Adoration, and then breaks into Small Groups (organized by age) for Bible Study.  (See Inside)

Small Groups build community and allow for discussion according to maturity level. Each week youth examine a New Testament book and study a teen issue addressed there. Principles and Promises collected from throughout the chosen book are passed out, one to each youth, for prayerful reflection. Members read their verses to the group - or recite from memory at the next gathering - and share how God spoke to them. The word of God begins to take root and form a spiritual foundation of faith and trust.

The advantage of the book by book approach over the Lectionary method is that youth become progressively familiar with each book of the New Testament and learn Bible verses that directly affect their lives as teenagers. As they grow in familiarity and appreciation of God’s Word, they also become informed and attentive listeners and better participants at Mass. Power Trip

Besides promoting Bible literacy, the materials teach Church history through lives of saints and how to research questions in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. They also provide helpful recommendations for SERVICE PROJECTS and a list of topics for ISSUES NIGHT, to address the many moral issues young people face in our modern culture. YOU TURNS recommends holding an ISSUES NIGHT every 5th or 6th gathering. (See Inside)

Power Trip A & B are used in rotation. Together they consist of 40 Steps - enough material for about 3 years - with the possibility of repeating the material again giving a different emphasis (e.g. more catechism, less scripture or vise versa). No subscriptions, no uncertainties! Pay once. Use indefinitely! Available on CD in both Word and PDF format and also as a Download. 

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FRIENDS: Opening period with music, snacks (optional), table games such as foosball, and time to socialize.  

FUN: Time for organized fun and games before teaching begins. Or FUN may be incorporated into the FAITH period when a skit or game is used to illustrate the lesson or theme.

FAITH:Teaching time. This begins in the General Gathering where the theme is presented, moves to Adoration (praise and worship before the Blessed Sacrament), and then breaks into Small Groups for Bible study under the guidance of volunteer catechists.

FORWARD: Time of commissioning youth to go FORWARD in Christ, to practice what they have learned and to advance the kingdom of God on earth.


Volunteers - adults and mature teens who are role models - are invited to fulfill their baptismal call by assisting the youth minister as intercessors, catechists, musicians, food preparers/servers, chaperones, etc. INVITE YOU TURNS to provide a Training Retreat.


Youth ministers can reproduce each mini Bible study to send home for a family session. For parents of teens who can't arrange their schedules to participate in youth group, weekly copies of the bible study and discussion can be emailed for their use at home.This expands the outreach and can  give teenagers a double benefit.


Leadership in skits, music and activities - and the call to be role models - are the realm of older youth. This stimulates desire and anticipation in younger members to be the next leaders. Small Groups separate the mature from the less mature while building COMMUNITY and CONTINUITY. These features make Power Trip A & B ideal when it is necessary to combine adolescents with teens. Bringing together the two age groups, particularly in a small parish, increases numbers and helps to create a critical mass.

Scope and Sequence, Power Trip A
cope and Sequence, Power Trip B

FOR THE HOME SCHOOL, YOU TURNS offers the same materials and plans as for parishes, at an adjusted price. Call (503) 459-2331 for more information.

 Invite Mrs Doyle to speak at your event

                                                   the work of  YOU TURNS  for Christ and His Church!
We are grateful for and depend upon the generosity of our benefactors whom we keep in daily prayer.