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CatholicYouthMinistryCatholic Youth Ministry Support


for parish youth ministry, inviting
(5th-12th grade) to CHRIST and His CHURCH
affordable & user-friendly...
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Heritage Bowl ♥ Power Trip A ♥ Power Trip B

(also available as Single Lesson Downloads)
and... they are keyed to the CCC and YOUCAT!!

The Youth Textbook is the Bible
Copies of the CCC, or YOUCAT, are necessary for reference.
Optional workbooks for deepening the learning experience are also available.

The CHURCH'S LIFE AND MISSION ARE FOUNDED ON THE WORD OF GOD, which is the soul of theology as well as the inspiration of all of Christian existence. Pope Francis  to the Pontifical Biblical Commission April 12, 2013

ALWAYS CARRY A BIBLE with you, even on the busPope Francis at Angelus prayer, April 16, 2014  

There is an urgent need for the emergence of a new generation of apostles ANCHORED firmly in the WORD OF CHRIST. Benedict XVI, L’Osservatore Romano English edition, March 1, 2006, p3.

Continue on your way with renewed determination…to BRING THE BIBLE CLOSER to the life of the People of God, so that it will be able to address in an adequate way the unheard of challenges that modern times pose… [And]…become in this secularized world, not only the soul of theology, but also the source of spirituality and vigor of the faith of all believers in Christ. Benedict XVI, Address to Pontifical Biblical Institute, Vatican City, October 26, 2009

Christians need to place themselves humbly before the Lord and examine themselves…To what extent has the WORD OF GOD become more fully the SOUL OF THEOLOGY and the inspiration of the whole of Christian living, as 'Dei Verbum' sought? John Paul II, Tertio Millennio Adveniente, November 6, 1994, #36

YOU TURNS - Lighting the Way in the Third Millennium

YOU TURNS provides catechist manuals, with handouts, appropriate for youth from 6th through 12th grade for a POWER TRIP through the Bible and the Catechism that include:

  • Dramas, games and crafts
  • ADORATION as the spiritual centerpiece
  • Fun and engaging interactive learning
  • Historically pivotal lives of saints

Our programs meet the standards for Comprehensive Ministry with Adolescents set forth in "Renewing the Vision" (see below) and are a creative option for Confirmation Preparation. Also available as Single Lesson Downloads.

Reviews and Testimonials


I’ve taught from Powertrip A for a couple years and am looking forward to Powertrip B this year. The format is the same. The topics are always descritive and engaging. I appreciate that the materials needed are listed at the beginning of the lesson and the Bible study passages are in the book for convenience. Most of the Bible Study questions are provided so you don’t have to feel like you ‘know everything’, which is especially helpful trying to recruit new youth ministers. We use the YouCAT for our catechism, which I highly recommend. It’s more accessible for this age. I also like that there is a Confirmation supplement that complements Powertrip.---Patricia Hodison, Kansas City, KS, July 2018


Power Trip combines solid, comprehensive Catholic theology and catechetical artistry with reverent faith and good fun-and-games... (I know of no) other program which includes as much scripture and inspiring biographies and Church tradition applied to the needs and challenges* of today's adolescents and early teens.---Father Armand M. Nigro, SJ, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Theology, Gonzaga University 

The material that you... (are) producing has been excellent. I am very impressed! The middle school kids, their families and parishes will like this stuff.---Deacon Francis Potts, Executive Director Teen Life/Teen Faith Youth Ministries,  Corvallis, Oregon.

I must say that everything about Power Trip and Heritage Bowl is so complete and easy to use. ---Mary Dean, Youth Minister, Bend, OR 

Last year we had 5 to 7 students and no teaching material. This year we have grown to 17, and we have your material and we love it.---Deacon Jose A. Vitela, Livingston, TX

YOU TURNS instructs pastor, parents, youth minister and volunteers in the participating parish, sets up year-end competitive events and offers assistance by phone, email or in person. 

Training or experience - NOT ESSENTIAL
Love of God and youth, gift of teaching - ESSENTIAL
Music, drama, humor, athletic ability - VALUABLE RESOURCES

YOU TURNS is grateful to the JOE WESTON FAMILY FOUNDATION of the Oregon Community Foundation, The RUSSELL E HILL TRUST and private supporters, on whom we rely for the continuation of our ministry.

YOU TURNS "... that they turn from darkness to light." Acts 26:18

to the work of  YOU TURNS for Christ and His Church!

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Let others know about YOU TURNS

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Last updated November 29, 2018

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